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Latest Technology

Our powerful machines mean that you will be getting a first class experience during your flight

High Speed

Quickly deploy one of our game-ready stations with complete simplicity.

Low Latency

With the package comes a high speed uplink meaning you will feel like it is a PC right in front of you.


Here's What You Get

When you purchase this UI Kit, you get access to a robust suite of powerful tools and components to help you build your next landing page quickly and easily.

Landing Pages

We've crafted landing page examples for many popular business and product types.

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Page Examples

Use our pre-built page examples to quickly create inner pages to your website.

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Our flex box based layout options make your site beautifully responsive and adaptable to any device.

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Modular Sections

All of the sections on each page are modular, so you can drop them into an existing page, or start with a new one!

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Pricing Table

Here's an example of a pricing table.

$ 1.5 /hr
  • Medium Power
  • 2 GBPS Uplink
  • Medium Game Library
  • 1 GPU
  • 6 CPUs
  • Large Game Library
$ 3 /hr
  • High Power
  • 2 GBPS Uplink
  • Medium Game Library
  • 2 GPUs
  • 12 CPUs
  • Large Game Library
$ 5 /hr
  • High Power
  • 2.5 GBPS Uplink
  • Medium Game Library
  • 4 GPUs
  • 24 CPUs
  • Large Game Library
What is SB UI Kit Pro?

SB UI Kit Pro is a fully coded, responsive, Bootstrap based UI toolkit for developers.

What can I build with SB UI Kit Pro?

Build anything you want to using this UI kit! It is flexible, multipurpose, and full of tools for you to use during development.

Do I get free updates?

All of Start Bootstrap's premium products will come with updates for feature additions, bugfixes, and other small updates.

What frameworks does it integrate with?

Our HTML based pro products are build with framework integration in mind. The compiled code is HTML and CSS, which is able to integrate with any framework.

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Save time with SB UI Kit Pro

Start Bootstrap's premium UI Kit beautifully and intuitively extends the Bootstrap framework making it easy to build your next project!

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